Trading Systems

Noor Clearing offers proprietary front-end platforms, ClearWeb and ClearPro, are highly reliable, simple to use and provide speedy execution. They can easily be white labelled and customised to suit individual client needs. We can also integrate into a number of alternative trading platforms such as Tradable, Netstation and MT4 or any third party solution via API connectivity and bridges.

We provide state-of-the-art midware technology called ClearVision, with modular components including back office, risk management dashboard and liquidity aggregation tools. ClearVision is widely considered to be the leading technology solution for regulated institutional clients worldwide and its being increasingly used by banks as well as established and start-up brokers. It provides them with all the tools they require to run complex operations and accommodate both their current and future requirements.


We have substantial infrastructure backing our offering, with matching, order and execution system at Equinix’s LD4 data centre - the same data centre as many of our London-based liquidity providers. This means that clients connecting through our ClearVision technology solutions or accessing liquidity can benefit from ultra-low latency and cost efficiencies.


We perform integration and API work for financial institutions, liquidity providers and other FX market participants. We support a range of various APIs, including the market standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) and other APIs such as C++, Java as well as a range of web services.

Integrations typically involve bridging Noor Clearing liquidity and/or external technology. Through our partnership with CFH Clearing, a leading London-based FCA regulated STP broker, we are able to provide integration to Noor Clearing’s top tier 1 liquidity pools. For further information.

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